Growing Vegetables In Pots

There are several reasons why people grow vegetables in containers. It’s not always because they are limited on space. Growing plants in pots vs the ground may provide less space for their roots – but it also offers many benefits that ground planting doesn’t have.

Book: Fruit and Vegetables in PotsFirst of all, containers are movable.

This allows you to position your plants in the optimal setting. Fox maximum sunlight, this typically means southern or west-facing locations.

In addition, pots enable you to to set up your vegetable garden in a protected location beside a wall of your home or a fence where they will not be exposed to heavy winds which can dry them out quickly.

Second, small spaces are now accessible!

You can take advantage of smaller containers for areas such as windowsills (or even ON windows). These are great spots for things like herbs because you can keep them conveniently close to your kitchen where you are cooking and use space that otherwise might not be usable for gardening purposes.

Third, you can go vertical…

A growing number of homeowners are taking their gardens upwards by planting vertical gardens along walls or sturdy fences. You can take advantage of a good amount of growing space without invading a small patio or balcony. At the same time, you can keep small plants, seedlings or tasty fruit away from crawling critters who might devour your entire garden in one night.

Fourth, now you can take your garden indoors!

Planting vegetables indoors is a perfect way to extend your growing season and get a jump start on your garden. Plus, with the right supplies, some people grow gardens indoors year round. This is especially easy for growing edibles like herbs or sprouts. The Broccoli Sprout Shop has instructions on growing sprouts indoors (and harvesting them) in a matter of days. Even a beginner can do it!

The downside of container gardening…

Plants in containers can dry out quickly, much faster than those planted in the ground.Because of this, you need to make sure that your plants receive adequate water on a regular basis. This can end up being a pain in the butt if you have to constantly water them by hand.

An easy way to solve this is to install a drip irrigation system that is connected to a timer. It’s simple to set up and doesn’t cost a lot of money. Once you have set up your automatic watering system, you select the amount of water and watering frequency for your vegetable garden and you’re done!

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